04 April 2017

Mutter Mutter Mutter

Took Mollie Bean to the range.

Followed the instructions to get the battle-sight zero at 19.5 yards.  Broke my Tapco sight tool trying to lower the front post to raise the group.


Figure it's the cheapness of the tool so I set about getting a replacement.

Get two for good measure.

I managed to raise the post almost out of the gun, counting the number of turns.

The same number of turns sticks the post but good.  Now I break both the new tools trying to get the damn thing back out!  I am almost at the drill-it-out stage.  Almost.

I managed to bend one of the new tools back so it will still work on a properly spec'd post on an SKS.

In better news, Blanche, the $100 rifle...

... doesn't shoot too bad at all.  That's six rounds at a mere 25 yards, but for $100 what more can you ask?

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