03 July 2017

How Did They Come To Be Separated

"In Italy, there's always chickens, but no eggs. In Africa there's eggs, but never chickens. Who separated them?"
-- D. Caravaggio

At Castle keep, there was an Astra 600/43.  At Deer Hunter there was a holster and spare magazine.  Who separated them?

Especially considering every gun shipped with two magazines and a holster.

That we found a holster with its spare magazine in a different, but nearby, gun shop than the gun makes us think that they were once a set.

A working theory is the original owner decided to sell his pistol and took it to Castle Keep.  Later, they stumbled across the holster with a magazine still in the side pocket and either couldn't remember where he'd sold the gun; or didn't want to admit to having lost the holster for a while to the first gun shop so he took it to Deer Hunter.

Happily, for Willard, neither the gun nor the holster have any waffenamts or markings tying them to National Socialist Germany.  Those little marks make the value skyrocket and price it beyond all but the serious collector's range.

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