01 July 2017

Open Letter To The BATFE

To whom it may concern,

Why does it take almost a year to process a Form 1 or Form 4 when most states can process a conceal carry permit in less than a month.

It's the same information.

It's the same background check.

They have the same disqualifiers.


  1. Argh!!!! Stupid blogspot keeps eating my posts!!!


    BATFE is dragging their feet on purpose. They have two reasons: First they would prefer to put their resources into trying to take people's rights away instead of granting permission (which shoulnd't even be required) for people to exercise their rights. Second they try to make all their permitting processes as slow and painful as possible because it has a chilling effect on the number of applications. If they were processing forms in less than a month like they could, the number of people applying would go up considerably. BATFE and their libtard statist friends do not want that to happen. If they had their way they'd shut down all civilian gun and ammo sales, not even just NFA.

    1. I think you give them to much credit. The reason they take so long is because they simply don't give a damn.

    2. Nah... I'm sticking by what I wrote... if they just didn't give a damn, it would only take them 6 to 9 months. When it comes to BATFE always proscribe malice on their part towards anyone in the firearms industry. If they didn't give a damn, they wouldn't be so zealous in how they love to railroad so many people on the thinnest possible violations and kill people's dogs in the process.


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