14 January 2020

Cities WIll Burn

They will?

All we got to do to get our opposition to burn where they live is to vote like we were going to vote anyway?

Don't throw me in the briar patch Brer Eric.


  1. "They" never really think things through, do "they"?

  2. It's like when 'they' protest the suburban 'white' culture by burning... their own homes down around their ears.

    Thinking is something 'they' aren't allowed to do. By force if necessary. Any self-thinker will be brutally punished, up to death of the self-thinker. Resistance is useless, as 'they' are the Vogon!

  3. "If you won't give us our Democratic President we're going to smash everything we own and burn down our houses, so there!" --them

    "Bring it!" --me

  4. That Sanders campaign worker is a real loon. Most Democrats go on and on about how none of them want a Soviet style totalitarian government, and then this guy just shows that yes, yes they do. They are just liars.

  5. I love it! Burn Hartford...Bridgeport...New Haven...Waterbury; every shit-hole city in Kommiecticut, who cares?

    But they need to understand, stay in their burned out hell hole, because venturing out to the rural areas would most likely end badly for them.

  6. If the Dems really do burn Milwaukee it could be the end of them. People that aren't far left extremists might start realize that the real intolerance, violence, loss of freedom and danger of descent into totalitarianism comes from the left and not the right.

  7. They want to burn the Hillary Archipelago? I'm OK with that. Why wait for the election?


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