19 January 2020

Travel(ler) Mug

If you're a Traveller fan, you know what's on my beer glass.

That's "The Other West Coast" hazy IPA from Escape Brewing just up the road in Trinity.


  1. Does that brewery offer beer for sale in poni kegs?

  2. Cool glass! I've never cared for IPAs much, though, even the ones I've brewed myself. Give me a dark, thick chocolatey stout, though, and I'm happy.

    1. I'm not an IPA fan either. It isn't that they are usually very hoppy, because I love some very hoppy beers. It is the kind of hops they usually use. Ones that to me are usually excessively floral or sometimes even kind of soapy tasting. I do tend to like beers that are more balanced or on the malty side too. Helles, Bocks, etc. But I love Pilsner Urquel for example even though it is heavy on the Saaz.

    2. You should come have a flight of what Escape has for IPA next time you're in Tampa.

      Many of the IPA's around here aren't the typical IPA for flavor. Which is why I like them!


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