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30 December 2013


The first lesson I internalized with my minty fresh third stripe was that nothing was the fault of the people I supervised.

Anything I was supervising was my responsibility and if they fucked up, it was MY fault.

The second lesson, which turned out to be related, was that once you sign for it, it's yours to deal with.

The corollary to lesson two is that once someone else signs for it, it is no longer your problem.  With that in mind, don't sign until you're ready to own it.

I am sick of hearing about people attempting to absolve themselves of their responsibilities by blaming the people they hired to do the work after they signed the work release.

It's especially galling to hear it with the "I wasn't there" excuse.  Your authorized agent must have been, therefore you were there by proxy.  Don't give your damn proxy to someone who cannot properly represent you or don't complain when they don't.  Pick one.

The proxy in question is most often the spouse of the complainer.

The first person you should blame is yourself for over-delegating.  Your proxy didn't inspect the work done while the crew was still present and signed the work release, that makes it your fault and you now own the mistakes made.

Suck it up.

If you don't like it? see lesson one.


  1. You can delegate authority, you can't delegate responsibility.

  2. But,,,, they're Democrats, so it alway becomes the Republicans fault somehow.

    1. Not the two most recent examples that set me off.


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