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29 December 2013

Range Update

My Browning Hi-Power shoots well.  The surplus 13 round magazine I got doesn't reliably accept 13 rounds.  The Mec-Gar 13 and 15 rounders work like they should.  My spur hammer bit my web.

Marv's FÉG Hi-Power also shoots well.  He had a couple of extraction failures, but nothing consistent enough to pin down the precise cause.  His round hammer nipped the web of my hand too.

Marv's new Ruger Mark II ejects in a parabolic arc that goes straight over the lane divider and down my shirt.  Got a nasty burn on my neck from that.  Also got kudos from the range officer for keeping my gun down range while I did the brass dance.

Willard's Walther P.1 is a strange bird, but it shoots very well.  While there are a few 9mm's I'd choose after it, nearly any other 9mm is on my list before it.  It just doesn't fit me.

As I mentioned earlier, putting the sear spring back in correctly on my Ruger Standard fixed an alarming "burst" mode.  The trigger with the spring wrong was 2 lb. 4 oz. and after it's 3 lb. 2 oz.  It's also a damn tack driver.

Willard brought out an assortment of his handguns and let us waste some ammo.  His S&W Mod 15 snubby is a dream.  His S&W 5904 was very pleasant and it's the first old-style S&W auto that's felt remotely good in my hand.  I think that's because I've learned more about how to shoot correctly than when it really bothered me.

Thumbs up to Florida Firearms Academy's New Port Richey location.  It's a nice, well run 25 yard indoor range.  Being nearby doesn't hurt either.

For clean up I continued my experiment with Frog Lube.  I have to admit that it sure takes carbon off.  This is the first CLP I've used that seems to actually be good at cleaning, lubricating and protecting.  Lots better than the Break-Free CLP I was issued in the Army.


  1. For the unreliable extraction in the High Power clone... Tell him to clean under the extractor. That fixed what may be a similar issue with my Argentinian High Power.

  2. That extractor is CLEAN; these are the first shots after a complete disassembly and cleaning. We're thinking it's a simple worn tip on it or a spring. But we need more failures before we start throwing parts at it.

    Once or twice on an ancient gun with the cheapest grade PPU ammo with an ancient magazine with a shooter not paying attention which magazine he was using at the time of each malfunction... For all we know, it's the brand new 15 round Mec-Gar the gun doesn't like.

    Marv's a great guy but it took me taking a hammer to one of his AR magazines to get him to stop using it after we proved that it was the problem with his 5.56 gun.


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