13 June 2016

In Sight

Got a Magpul Gen 2 MBUS for Alice.

Now it's a shootable gun!

The rear sight came from ebay.  Because the start price was very low and no reserve was set, I wondered why...

The seller is in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  

What else is in Kaneohe, Hawaii?  Marine Corps Base Hawaii!

Why would someone in Kaneohe be selling a nearly new MBUS for less than half MSRP?  Especially when the seller included the original packaging and they bought it for full MSRP.

Because the Marines just put out that all non-issue parts had to come off the rifles.  NSN, no-NSN; doesn't matter.  If it didn't come from supply, it doesn't go on your rifle.

That makes the market for AR accessories in a strict gun-control state like Hawaii kind of soft.  His loss, my gain!

By the way, Midway and Brownell's...  For $4 this guy got it from Hawaii to Florida in THREE DAYS.  Midway can't get something from Missouri to Florida in a week for $9 because they think that using both UPS and USPS is better somehow.

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