06 June 2016

Perhaps Godwin Moment

"No one wants an actual President Hitler."

 I think you might be incorrect about that, Mr Adams.

We've certainly embraced a combination of socialism and nascent fascism that's eerily close to national socialism.

We've been cultivating an "other" from the successful to blame for the failures of the downtrodden masses.

Sure seems like we're sowing the fields to reap a Hitler.

The parallels are rife, and it might just be that American exceptionalism is all that's been keeping the final steps at bay.

I've kind of had an anti-Niemöller moment.

I stood up for women, though I am not a woman.
I stood up for homosexuals, though I am not gay.
I stood up for minorities, though I am white.
When it came time for them to stand up for me, I was blamed.

Interest groups from all three actively try to fuck me over, why did I stand up again?  "Because it was the right thing to do," might salve my soul but it's not doing me any material good.


  1. How about a shirt with that on it? Might sell a few, or bumper stickers?

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