10 June 2016

Ignorant Of History

And willfully ignorant of history at that.

"Whites should go back to Europe and leave California a Hispanic state."

Why are y'all called hispanic again?

It's a Latin derived word, meaning Spanish.

You remember Spain, right?  A white European nation.

Whites that came over and toppled how many Native American empires and kingdoms?

So, let's just extend the La Raza logic out a bit farther...

If you're hispanic, you're the descendant of some white invader, so only a pure-blooded descendant of the Aztecs or Mayans (or any other indigenous tribe conquered by Spain) has any claim to any land in Mexico (present or past).

Never mind that Mexico itself is a construct of those white Spanish conquerors.

Never mind that the Hispanic claim to California (and Mexico itself) is exactly the same claim that "whites" have to it.  They displaced the people they found there when they arrived.  Wanna talk about this little black mark?  Isn't that the culture and heritage you're claiming when you talk about your "La Raza"?

A huge difference in "whites" taking over California is that it was done by treaty after Mexico had lost the bloody war and nearly all of the Mexicans living there stayed put to become Americans now (and continued killing Indians with the newly arrived "white" people joining in).

America didn't take California away from La Raza, it took it away from Mexico.  The Hispanics in place remained there.  A good place to look for this is actually New Mexico, oddly enough, where there are surnames that aren't found anywhere else in the Americas, but are still found in Europe...

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