25 June 2016


Singer David Byrne, a known dancing monkey, claims that "we are at war" over gun violence.

Actually, David, if we were at war, you'd know it.

The gun owners in the US aren't at war with anyone.

If we cried "havoc" there would actually be blood in the streets and the carnage would be unimaginable.

Fortunately for everyone we're actually a fairly rational and realistic bunch of people.

I agree with you David, there's something wrong with America.  I disagree that it's gun owners.

We might start looking really, really hard at how far past the limits of the foundational documents we've allowed our government to stray.

We might look hard and notice that nearly all of the gun crime is done by one group and nearly all of the mass shootings by another.  If you remove gang crime and Islamic terrorism, you aren't left with a lot of shootings.

9/11 and Boston prove that you don't need a gun to be an Islamic terrorist.  Stabbings, beatings and bludgeonings prove you can have gang violence without guns as well.

Which both show that it's not the guns even without the millions and millions of people you think are war with you who've never fired a shot in anger.  Ever.

However, David, I will say (once again)...

We want to be let alone.  We are not hurting anyone doing what we do.  If we were, it'd be news, I assure you.

Never, EVER, make me choose between me and mine and you and yours.  I choose me and mine every single time.

I also say again, I do not want a war.  But of the two of us, who's actually been to one?

Update to add one other thing:  Something Americans just LOVE, David, is foreigners telling us how to run our country.  You came over here how many decades ago and are just now applying to join?  Fuck you, David, go back to Scotland.

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