08 June 2016


Also known as Kiki.  Go ahead, pronounce Vaezghoekhghoeng.  Go on.  What?  You don't speak Gvegh?

She was a Vargr starship engineer that I created because of a problem in my campaign.

Engineer was the only open slot on the ship and we had a new player, thus a new engineer, every week for like four months.  They'd show up, make a character, play, say, "see you next week", then we'd never see them again.

This also led to FuzzyGeff implementing a "you get paid at the beginning of the next game session, not the end," policy.  That saved the ship's fund a lot of money.

A big problem with our fresh player engineering pool was there were many times where a player's character couldn't have just disappeared.

So I made it an NPC position and the next three players stuck.

She's originally from Kedzudh Aeng in the Gvurrdon sector, just coreward from the Spinward Marches.

She speaks Gvegh, Galanglic and Zhodani.  The players never knew that last one.

The campaign was set just after the 4th Frontier War ended, and I had a subplot planned to make her a Zho spy if the players couldn't find trouble any other way.

She'd served with the Kedzudh Patrol on corsair busting duty during the war who were opportunistically attacking along the border between Vargr and Imperial space.

She's become utterly devoted to FuzzyGeff's captain character.  A devotion that surprised a couple of players more familiar with Vargr.

She was once challenged for the engineering position, and it led to a duel.  She chose swords.  When the signal to begin sounded, she swung at her opponent's weapon, shattering it.  "A real engineer could have seen that weak spot on the sword and chosen a different one.  I win!"


  1. You know I don't think she ever quite forgave my Dr. Bird character over that warp drive design fiasco...

    1. Not even the same campaign. Dr Bird was Albedo: Erma Felna EDF, Kiki is Traveller.

    2. Shows you how clear my memory is... Well, the engineer characters sound sort of similar.


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