20 June 2016

Kiki 'Quip'd

Bought Kiki's stuff.

GURPS (4e): Traveller: Interstellar Wars indicated that we should just use Ultratech from now on for equipment.

GURPS: Traveller "Powered by GURPS" is a 3eR level game, and it has (as is typical) customized equipment listings, that don't really match OG Traveller...

Since I am using 4e I decided to stick with Ultratech.

Because I'm familiar with the setting, it's easy to not take stuff that's inappropriate, but I can see where I'd have to print out a sheet of a few off-limits items.

Still, wading through an unfamiliar book reminded me that robots are supposed to be fairly common in Traveller, but most Traveller GM's forget about them.  A single book published late in the OG series just before MegaTraveller hit didn't really give GM's time to absorb them into their (by this time) up to 10 year old campaigns or retrofit bots into places where they should fit in older adventures.

Granted, robots had been featured in some published adventures, but they just didn't get any  prominence.

With all this in mind, I bought Kiki a TL10 Techbot!  What a great tool for the ship's engineer to have!

Also new with the 4e version of Ultratech are Gauss shotguns!  BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!  Gauss Combat Assault Weapon, please!

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