17 June 2016

Stripper Clips

In an ongoing attempt to go completely broke...

Willard bought some accessories for his carbine.

I'd never even heard of a stripper clip for an M1 carbine!

But wait, you say, an M1 Carbine doesn't have a stripper clip bridge?

The stripper spoon is built into the clip!

Then you slide it onto a magazine...

Then shove the rounds into it...


The spoon is part of the clip and is retained by two little wings on the clip portion.

Pretty darn neat!

M1 vs M4 Carbine.

Ever notice that the M1 isn't actually a carbine?  Carbines were shortened versions of the full sized service rifle, often firing a reduced power version of the service cartridge.  (Yes, I know that definition is incomplete, but go with the joke!)

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