15 June 2016

Wasn't There Didn't Do It

Once again the Fuckweasils in Congress turn to gun control.

I remember 21 years ago when we got the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

The impetus for that law was crimes I did not commit.

The impetus for a new restriction of gun purchases is likewise because of a crime I did not commit.

My guns weren't in Orlando that fateful day.

I wasn't in Orlando that day.

I did not walk into any kind of bar or club and begin shooting the patrons.

I did not choose any particular club or bar because of the sexual orientation of the patrons.

I am not a member of a religion that requires that I murder anyone for any reason.

Wasn't me, didn't do it.

So stop trying to fucking punish me!

I think the reason for the massacre is obvious and no gun law on earth will stop attacks coming from this particular source.

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