19 June 2016

Now It's A Gun

Did the carving with a Modulus Arms jig on loan from Mr Skeezer of (clap clap clapclap) Texas.

Marv soothed nerves and read the instructions in the proper order.

Being extra careful, it took us about three hours.

When you do this yourself, remember the shop vacc!


You either need a drill press with at least 2.626" travel or a means to measure your depth when you reset the table.  My press has 2" despite being advertised as 2.375".  I drilled 1.750" then moved up the table 1.750" then did the remaining 0.876.  The drill stop is my friend!

The huge problem is the price on a benchtop model with more spindle travel costs a lot more.  Almost three times as much.


  1. I have the biggest bench top drill press that Harbor Freight sells and it does not have a lot of excess travel capacity for this job. And yes, it was around 2x the price of the 10" benchtop model.

    10" 12 speed:

    13" 16 speed:

    I don't necessarily recommend Harbor Freight. They aren't the best you can get for sure... they are fairly inexpensive though.

    1. I went with a better quality one because I know how to reset for depth when the spindle runs out.

      Plus I want to use it for other things and the quality difference starts to show later on.

  2. Fair enough. At the time I bought mine I needed the largest size for the particular project I was working on and Harbor Freight was the only place in town that had one in stock that size that wasn't a complete budget buster. The other places were all over $500. The HF one I think I paid a little over $200 using a 20% off coupon. The other thing I've noticed about HF's power tools is the quality tends to improve slightly as you get into their higher priced items. Their lower priced tools tend to be pretty chintzy.


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