30 June 2016

No Power

I woke up to silence.  Duke Energy shut me off.  I have the bill in my hands saying that it's due the 14th.

Thanks assholes!


  1. Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to human stupidity, then again you will waste most of a day getting that corrected if you are truly fortunate and reach a high level supervisor with the ability to think and draw correct conclusions. Good luck mate!

    1. My options boiled down to "you can pay" or "you can sit in the heat and dark."

  2. Ah, I figured the bill was due July 14 which is why you just received it. Then again, you could have just received it and it was for June 14 which brings us back to the pay or sweat option, monopolies do not seem to have any sense of civic duty, not an iota.


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