21 June 2016


We had a minor disaster when drilling out the selector hole for Andrea.

The jig slipped the vise and the work went spinning!

What we ended up with was a 0.386" hole instead of the desired 0.375".

This does not affect function or even cosmetics.

The selector still works in SAFE and FIRE SEMI.  Actually it works in BURST too, but that's because I have a SAFE-SEMI-SEMI selector made by grinding down the cams on a real M16A2 selector, thus neutering it (an ATF approved method no less!)

But when on safe, the back of the trigger will push the selector up that extra 0.011" and you can see it move.  Plus the feel is off.

So I made a bushing.

Out of a beer can.

The wall of a beer can is 0.005", so wrapping it around the ID of the selector hole makes that ID 0.376".

So a strip of beer can, with a little flare on it to keep it in the hole, trapped by the selector on the other side, and viola!

Feel is back on and the wobble is deleted.

We learn from our mistakes.

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  1. Ingenuity is the child of necessity.


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