17 June 2016


I have a modest proposal.

Seal the damn border.

While we're doing that...

The longest non-immigrant visa you can have is 30 days.


It occurs to me that a gigantic problem with our present way of doing things is we're letting in people who don't want to be Americans, and wish to remain nationals of whatever place they originated from.

While they might be hard-working salt-of-the-earth type, far too often their kids are a real calamity.

Orlando is such a case.  Dad is from Afghanistan, and isn't interested in being an American, just being in America.  Because Dad isn't interested in joining, he didn't instill any Americanism in his son, and look how that turned out.

A decent hunk of the Latino gang problem is recruited from the children of illegals.  They're not American children, they're Mexican (Guatamalan, San Salvadorian, Chilean...) children who happen to be born extranationally in America and have absolutely zero stake in the place they reside.

We simply have to find the will to say "No" to people who don't want to be Americans.

If you want to be a Mexican, you're in luck!  There's this place, a nation if you will, that's called "Mexico" and you'll fit right in!

Wanna be an Afghani?  Same thing!  They even speak your native language!

Wanna be Indian?  There's a call center hiring back home, find it.

Notice my plan also cures the whole importing foreigners to work on the cheap problem we have with tech and amusement parks?

It also solves a problem I noticed a long time ago.  Why on God's Green Earth ® are we educating foreigners in STEM?  You might notice that they go home and start businesses that compete with our domestic ones?  Would it not be better to hoard that education and sell them things they can't make because we're stingy with the knowledge?

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