08 June 2016

Jury Math

I am fascinated with the rhetoric surrounding the pressing need to increase minimum wages.

But what do they pay you when they demand your valuable time to sit on a jury?

Florida pays $15 a day for the first three days and $30 a day after that. They want you available for nine hours so that's $1.67 and $3.33 an hour respectively.  And if your employer keeps paying you, you get nothing from them.

Florida's minimum wage is $8.22 an hour, almost five times what a juror gets.

Seems to me, that if they were serious about that rhetoric, they'd offer minimum wage to sit on the jury.

You can tell what they're serious about if you confront them with this, and it's amazing that they cannot see that the very same justifications for not increasing jury pay applies to paying no-skill workers as well.

But it's easy to order someone else to pay up, regardless of they can afford it.

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