23 June 2016

The Missing Winchester

I've kind of set my sights on a Model 70 in .270 Win.  A Model 54 would also suffice.

Pre-64 would be fun because they're all C&R now.

Prices are rather eye-watering on some.

.270 would be fun for me because it's the same .277 bore as my 6.8x43SPC.

It also has the added fun of choosing "the other" round in the debate that ruined at least two Thanksgivings.

The two step-uncles would get a couple of beers in them and start talking about hunting and sooner or later one of them would say, "If you'd been using X you'd have gotten the one that got away."

The calibers in question were .30-06 and .280 Remington.  .270 being the other .30-06 based round they both held in equal scorn.

The funny thing is, and FuzzyGeff noticed it first, there's not a whisper of real difference in performance between them.  They're close enough that the GURPS number came out identical in 3e terms.

In 4e they're somewhat differentiated.

.30-06 is 7d+1 pi with 1,100/4,500 range.
.280 Remington is 7d pi with 1,060/4,400 range.
.270 Winchester is 7d+2 pi with 1,050/4,400 range.


  1. Any of those three cartridges will git-r-done for just about any wild game in North America provided shot placement is good.

    1. Judging from proponents, two of them are as useless as a BB gun, one of them is as deadly as smallpox.

    2. Just they can't agree on which is which?

    3. Evert is a dedicated .30-06 fan. Robert is a staunch defender of .280 Remington.

  2. Well, I dunno about "dedicated" but I have three rifles in .30-06 (03A3, M1 Garand & Savage 111) and none in .280 Rem. If I was going hunting large game of the rifles I have the Savage 111 is the one I'd take.

    1. There's folks who end up in the .30-06 by default because they already stock the ammo for a milsurp gun.

      Then there's people who've done every bit of research they can to prove their decision is the correct one.

      The .30-06 v .280 v .270 debate has a lot in common with the 6.5 v 6.8 v .300 blackout one.


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