21 June 2016

John Moses Browning Forgive Me

Today I drilled the stock of a pre-64 Winchester Model 94 for a sling swivel.

And a Rossi M92 and a Ruger Model 44.

Willard wanted his rifles to have slings.  He paid for the drill press that made certain this was not a hack-job, so he gets what he wants.

I prefer my rifles to have slings as well.  A rifle without a sling is a bit like a pistol without a holster if you're trying to tote it very far or use your hands.

Of note, the wood that came out of the Winchester's drilling stayed the same color as the stock.  The Rossi was white.


  1. There's nothing inherently wrong with using wood other than walnut for gunstocks; walnut is traditional because it formerly was plentiful, is easy to work, and is reasonably (sometimes remarkably) attractive. My Swiss K31 has a stained beech stock, although some K31's are stocked in walnut.

    1. From those sling choices, I think someone has been to an Appleseed!

    2. As far as I know, Willard has never been to an Appleseed and those are just slings that were in the parts bin.

      We've joked about taking the FAL's to one, though.

  2. Looks like my grandmothers Ruger Model 44 on the top, except she had a scope mounted on it for deer hujting in the north Maine woods. That is the first rifle I ever used when matching wits with the grea northeastern hoofed rat when I wasna youngin. Still wandering pawn shops and gun shows, and online gun classifieds to find one in decent shape and reasonably priced so I can hand it down to my own progeny...eventually. 😎


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