06 June 2016


To put things in perspective...

A tropical storm really isn't any more violent than a line of thunderstorms rolling across the great plains.

The only real difference is the flooding that comes from the wind shoving water up against the shore; what with the midwest lacking large shorelines for the most part.

Do you panic because there's thunderstorms coming and there's a tornado watch?


Then don't worry when the Floridians don't panic about a tropical storm.

Even the lower category hurricanes aren't "that bad".  They're intense, but that intensity tends to be short lived.  With building codes being what they are, up to a cat-2 doesn't do much lasting damage.

Being inundated with emails, texts and phone calls from all over the country asking us if we're OK amuses us.

You may note that we don't call you asking if you're coping with the snowstorm that's expected but hasn't yet hit.

Snow is worse.


It actually kills more people than tropical weather and it happens every single year.  Colin will be just the fifth tropical storm to hit here in the 19 years I've lived on the Suncoast.  How many winters did y'all have in the meantime?

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  1. The only time you should be worried about hurricanes is when Floridians put the patio furniture inside and go buy booze and gas.


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