14 June 2016

Contacted By Renowned Films

This is clearly Erin's fault!

Yes, we must blame someone, Erin is someone, therefore we blame her.

A Sophie Perrins emailed me claiming to be from Renowned Films...  I'll quote her:


Hope you are well. I’m Sophie from Renowned Films, we’re a UK independent film company currently making a short documentary for the BBC about the awful events in Orlando over the weekend. The film is being hosted by Stacey Dooley. She's one of the most well known young current affairs presenters in the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03h2nqh

LGBT groups in favour of gun rights have made powerful statements over the last few days, defending their rights to protect themselves. LGBT people are looking to defend themselves and are seeking the means to do so safely and within the law.

I understand you provide firearms training that is LGBT friendly. I'd really love to speak with you to understand more about the training you provide.

Would you be available to speak on the phone and I could tell you some more about this project?

Thank you,
Sophie Perrins
If this is legit, I would probably be happy to speak to her.

A cursory google says that this is a real person working for a real company.

I will risk an email reply.


  1. You should record any interview independently so as to prevent a case of Katie Couricism coming over her.

    1. Good plan. I dunno how I'd do that.

  2. My email to her:

    Since this is essentially a cold call to me...

    Can you tell me more about the program you're producing?

    What I offer, to anyone not just LGBT, is an introduction to firearms and a trip to a gun range to apply what I've introduced.

    Safety instruction is the paramount and is the main initial focus. Once I'm sure the person I'm teaching is going to be safe, we can tackle the legal and regulatory issues.

    I am not an instructor, I don't do this professionally and I don't take money. But I've reasonably well informed and knowledgeable about guns and did wear an instructor hat when I was in the Army.

    I might be willing to talk on the phone and even be interviewed, but I'd also like to exchange a few emails first.

    You might be aware that there's a lot of ambush journalism out there, so we gun owners tend to be wary around the press.


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