15 June 2016

Happiness Is Power Tools

My happy little work bench just got a little happier!  Thanks Willard!


I decided that I wanted it oriented differently.  The head just sits on the shaft so you can rotate it vs the base any way you'd like.  Just to be safe, I ran some carriage bolts down through the bench to make it more secure. 


  1. There Is No Such Thing as Too Many Tools.

    A guy I swap emails with just told me about how his wife broke off a sign from the dollar store while putting it in the yard. Immediately, he ends up using about a thousand dollars worth of specialty tools to fix the dollar sign. Like the $6 Million Man, he could, "make it better than it was before". Does it make economic sense? Of course not! Is it cool and worthwhile? You bet!

    1. Our battle cry is, "THERE IS NO SUNK COST FALLACY!"


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