05 June 2016

Not A Project Unless You Bleed

The Civic was once my Mom's.

She willed it to me on her death these long nine years ago.

Being a Honda it's a trooper and keeps eagerly running as long as you do the scheduled maintenance.

However, some things just get old and die because there really isn't a maintenance procedure.

Mom had gotten the factory dealer installed vent-shades.

They're a neat item that lets you leave the windows open a crack, but shield the opening from the rain.  A great feature for Florida!

The sun, being what it is, has made the smoke gray plastic brittle and if one were to casually lean against the car... not that I'm naming names... it'd crack.

Tonight we installed the replacements.  Pulling them off the car, they shattered.  The edges are razor sharp and I cut my fingers extensively.

A heat gun and a plastic pan scraper got the old ones off without much more drama than the cuts and the new ones went on like they were designed to.

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