02 June 2016

Way To Go GM

We should not single out General Motors here either.  Most car makers have done this to us.

There's some buttons on either side of the instrument cluster on my Corvette.

The bottom two buttons are no longer illuminated.

The buttons work fine, they just don't light up at night.

Each button is illuminated by a single 12v 7219 incandescent bulb soldered to a circuit board.

I know this because I took the switch assembly apart.

GM lists the assembly for almost $70, you're not supposed to take it apart.  Ever.

There are places discounting the MSRP down to about $45.

Think about that.  $45 to repair two dead bulbs.

I found a 10 pack of those bulbs on Amazon for a whopping $8.50.

Grumble.  Mutter.

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