21 June 2016

What Then

What will happen if it turns out that the murderers following Islam are the ones following Islam correctly and it's the peaceable, moderate Moslems whom are following a "perversion of Islamic faith"?

I sometimes think that the founders just figured that there'd never be any non-Euro citizens so there was no need to account for religions like Islam when drafting the 1st Amendment.

I've read the supporting materials for the Constitution, the founders left extensive notes and citations.  It's clear when they said religious freedom, they meant it.

It's just as clear that they did not intend for what they'd built to be used as a suicide pact.


  1. Actually if you read the Quran and more importantly the Hadiths (which are where most of the ugly stuff like Sharia law is codified) both groups are doing what they are supposed to... for where they are. Basically Muhammad's method for world conquest was this... when a small minority in an area live quietly and peacefully co-exist with the other people there, and grow through high birth rate and immigration. That's where Muslims are in most of the US today, which is why most people who encounter them experience them being peaceful. The thing is... once they become a large majority they are supposed to start demanding things like Halal meat... and conversely demanding that non-Halal meat (especially pork) is no longer allowed sold. Oh, and ban alcohol too... In some areas in the US and Europe where their numbers are concentrated we are already starting to see this. They then as their numbers grow start demanding that local and national governments recognize their "right" to impose Sharia law amongst themselves. Once they become a majority they start to seek that Sharia law is imposed on everyone and even start imposing restrictions and taxes (Jizya) on non-Muslims. That's the way it is in many majority Muslim countries already. Jews and Christians are barely tolerated, and "multi-thiests" are persecuted. Apostasy for people born Muslim (conversion to another faith or to Athiesm) is punishable by death. And ultimately once they are successful in world domination they are to force everyone to convert or be killed.

    The bottom line is ultimately it IS the "radical" Muslims that are following Muhammad. He was after all, a drunkard, a thief, a polygamist, rapist, pedophile, murderer and warlord. None of those things can be disputed. It is all right there clear as day in the Quran and Hadiths. The "moderate" and peaceful Muslims are just not telling you the whole truth... yet.

    1. Others have noted there's a critical mass of Islamic population where the moderate and peaceful suddenly stops.

    2. Yes, that is by design. What a lot of non-Muslims don't understand is that Muslims do not believe in the separation of church and state. In fact. Islam is not just a religion, it specifies the governmental system (Theocracy) and is generally incompatible with any other religious beliefs, even the few it accepts (Judaism, Christianity and in some countries (mainly Iran) Zoroastrianism) on a limited basis at its early stages. The more Islam takes over the more the other religions are squeezed out. Once the non-Muslims are all killed or converted then they commence fighting amongst themselves to determine whether Shia or Sunni prevail... then the various Caliphs and tribal warlords have it out... then supposedly there will be lasting peace because everyone who disagrees will be dead. A lot of this mess is left over from unsettled grudges dating back to when Muhammad died without leaving a clear line of succession. His followers broke into two main camps and have been fighting over small details every since.

    3. As I've said to other commenters. You clearly have a lot to say.

      Start a blog.


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