22 June 2016

Stopped Loving It

Ever have a show you really, really enjoyed then one day realized that you weren't having fun watching it?

Noticed that while you had it on, you were occupied with something else while it was running?

CBS' The Big Bang Theory was like that for me.

I just stopped giving a shit about it and stopped bothering to turn on the TV.

I've got season 1 on iTunes so I put it in and found I still enjoyed the show... The first season of the show...



It's not ME.  It's the show that shifted out from under me.

This is not the first time this has happened to me.  But it is the first time I stopped watching a show I once loved before it was canceled.  Inertia was enough to keep me rolling on so many others past the point where I was still enjoying the content.

A huge part of the problem for CBS is they can't seem to run the whole first run of the season without huge gaps and interruptions.  It's as bad as shifting it around the schedule.  While I still know what night it's on, I'm never sure if it's a new episode.

1 comment:

  1. I have had the same journey with Big Bang Theory.

    After the writers allowed that even uber-geeks might occasionally get lucky, the show then morphed into just another ho hum ensemble sort-of-comedy, with sex driving everything.

    As a geek/engineer type myself, it was painfully funny when it reflected somewhat my own life experiences. Now, it is just boring.


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