04 June 2016

One Down

First we ID'd the bulb.

It was confirmed that the 7219 bulbs I'd bought were the correct ones.

Because Marv is an electrical engineer, he knows how to solder.

Because he knows how to solder, they all work now!

I'm ahead by at least $35 bucks over what GM wanted for a whole new switch panel (Marv works for hot dogs and tater-tots).  There's just no excuse for bulbs to be soldered onto a board like this.  Incandescent bulbs are wear items, after all.

Like so many things about cars, owning some basic tools, being mechanically inclined and learning how to use those tools to put your inclination to work pays dividends.


  1. How come you did not just upgrade it to LED's? a handful of LED's, a current limiting resistor and you would have the car rust to dust before the lights failed again . From one engineer to another, your bud Marv is a good guy, pay him premium Nathan's dogs please.

    1. Others explored the ground on this repair.

      The bulbs are between common LED sizes. The smaller size is too dim and the larger impinges on the rubber membrane for the switches. Plus there's finding space for the resistors.

      Pretty soon we're out of hot-dogs being suitable for payment and are into steak served by topless women territory.

      And by the way, it's a Corvette, plastic cars don't rust!

  2. Really the trick is to have lots of friends, lots of food, and lots of beer/boozw, and they will beat a path to your door with tools and knowledge!


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