21 June 2016

Negative Emphasis

A friend of The Lovely Harvey once tried to tell me about all the great things that Bill Clinton did as president.

I told him it did not matter because of the AWB and Brady.

At the time I was unable to articulate why the bad outweighed the good.

I've thought of an analogy.

If I cook you the best dinner you've ever had, but at the end of the meal, shit on your plate...

What are you going to remember?


  1. I couldn't think of a single good thing, so I googled it and read a bunch of the Clinton apologists lists of the 10 best things he accomplished... wow. lame. Mostly stuff I couldn't care less about, stuff that didn't last or stuff that I consider bad. The few good things... most of those Bill's claim to have caused is pretty... well, stretching it. Economic prosperity? A strong case could be made that all of his accomplishments there were really the legacy of Reagan or Bush Sr., especially when you consider that libtards are still blaming Bush Jr. for all of Obama's woes. And as for him "paying down the deficit"... sounds good until you find out that it was accomplished by stealing the SS trust fund money that was raised by Bush Sr. to save SS. So now those billions are worthless IOUs which will come back to haunt us over the next few years as more and more Baby Boomers start to collect SS and the Millenials will not be successful enough to pay their fare share... leaving the few of us in Gen X holding the bag. Again.

    1. Good news everyone! With Obamacare in full force, those Boomers will be dying off almost as fast as they can collect!

  2. Nothing good came of Clinton, then OR now...

  3. As far as bad things go, I'd put Waco pretty damn high. If you or I or some other mere peasant had "taken responsibility" for a fustercluck that had resulted in over 80 people burning to death in a church building, I bet that we'd never breathe free air again. (And if it had happened in Florida or Texas, we'd be sitting on Death Row, waiting for our appointment with that nice Mr. Edison's very special chair.) But not the Clintons and not those they favor!


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