05 June 2016

LED There Be Light

Got all ten of the bulbs in the Civic's instrument cluster replaced with the LED kit.

A frustrating thing about LED conversion is an LED is, well, a diode.  It's right there in the name.

That means it's got polarity.

That means you can put the bulb in 180˚ wrong.

The good news it it looks like I only got 4 of the 10 in wrong; thus only had to flip 4 around.  That's a win!  There's ways to check this before you install, but they're really not any faster than trial and error.

Update with pictures now that it's dark enough to see it.  The airbag light is from a dead steering wheel clock spring.  The check engine light is from either a dead catalytic convertor or a dead post-cat o2 sensor.  Machts nichts either way.

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