26 June 2016

Not This Shit Again

Huge convoys of UN marked APC's seen moving south, always south...

What does the National Guard do for two weeks every year?

Before you spread the panic of "huge troop movements"...

First off, packed onto a train is not a convoy.

Lots of the same kind of vehicle loaded on trucks is not a convoy of the loaded vehicles.

Every vehicle in a convoy will have a number stenciled on the bumper.  Record that thing!

If you notice more than two different unit designations, you are not looking at a convoy.

Every road march will have a number scrawled on the sides of the vehicles in chalk.  Get that number too.

Now you have enough information to at least call a public affairs officer and ask, "what's up?"

APC painted like the UN is not a very good description, especially if you think the Army is violating posse comitatus and readying an attack on the populace.  That information is useless.

Track Spotting is fun!  Learn up on it!

Is that a Grizzly on a transporter?  A LAV-25?  A StrykerMRAP?

What do you mean by "UN type markings"?  White with a big black "UN" on the side?  Or very light sand?

It's very important to be able to positively ID the exact kind of vehicle.

It's also important to not panic, every year...  Every election year especially around summer when the Guard does their two week annual training.

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