28 June 2016


On Texit... Texans do love to tout that they're the only state with an exit clause built into their admission documents to the Union. If it wasn't for the civil war and reconstruction and the subsequent rewriting of all of the former Confederate state's constitutions they might have a point.

But there was a Civil War, there was a reconstruction and their state constitution was rewritten before they were allowed resume being a pseudo-sovereign state and rejoin The Union.

The exit clause they cite and dream about was lost at the same time that it was determined by force of arms that, NO, no state can leave the union once admitted.

At times I am uncertain that balkanization of the US wouldn't be such a bad thing.  Except for the huge enclave of actual New Yorkers over on the SE coast, Florida doesn't have much in common with New York.  Yet New York's politics have great influence over Florida because of their large influence over Federal policy.

The same goes for California and Illinois.

 The area between the Rockies and The Mississippi river (except for Colorado) doesn't resemble the nation that lies both east and west of those boundaries (except, perhaps for Indiana).

Most of the states of the former Confederacy don't fit well into the CA, IL, NY mold at all.  I say most.  "The South" no longer encompasses Virginia and is losing North Carolina.

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  1. Another idea would be to devolve a lot of decision-making back to the several states. IOW, let the Northeast have the double-nickel speed limit---it makes a certain amount of sense there. But in the West, not so much.


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