22 March 2012


I carry a 1911 unless it's entire too hot to wear enough clothes to hide it.

My rationale for choosing the 1911 may be specious in light of more current data and developments in bullet technology.

What I have discovered is that I have become vested in the thing.

I have holsters for it.  I have magazines for it.  I have ammo for it.  I am accustomed to the weight.  I know where the controls are and I can literally clean it with a blindfold on.

To change to a "superior" handgun would require a significant investment in time and money.

My days of chasing the unicorn for the perfect gun are through.  I am OK with my "good enough" choice.


  1. The perfect gun is the one you will carry.

  2. Also I like to say "There are lots of guns that are as good as the 1911, but there aren't any that are better."

    Sure I could switch to an M&P45, but even with an Apex kit I'd have a worse trigger. It would be lighter, and hold more bullets and be a simpler design....but it would be thicker and bulkier.

    Plus I already have a 1911.

    An M&P45 is as good a gun as my 1911, amoung many other guns. But it isn't better.

    Meanwhile I did sideline my S&W642 for my PM45...with the exception of weight and the ability to unload and reload it unlimitedly without round setback, that gun IS better.

    So it isn't just "The Gun You Have". Still Larry is 100% correct.

  3. Or you could get a sig p220 and have a better gun. Me saying that might have something to do with me already having one and just not liking any of the 1911's that i can afford.

  4. SIG has experienced a rather precipitous decline in quality since they started making guns here in the USA. It's a lot of bother making sure your gun's vintage was from the spring planting, before the rains...


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