04 March 2012

The Difference

Several people have been saying it without explicitly stating it.

In the matter of gun deaths; the anti-rights people only care about what kind of weapon was used.  We gunnies care far more about who was killed.

If someone is murdered, we don't care if a toothpick was the weapon, we mourn for the deceased.

If a rapist is planted, again we don't care what was used to dispatch him; we're only glad he's gone.

We don't want anyone to be murdered.  Heck, we don't want anyone to be killed at all.  Another key difference here is that if someone must die, we'd much rather it be the shit-heel criminal than us.

They don't care who dies, or why.  Their own writings admit it when they count self defense shootings with murders and suicides.

They only care how someone dies.  Their own writings admit it when they ignore murders and suicides that don't involve a firearm.

Sadly the everyday law abiding person does not get to make the decision about whether someone is going to be killed.  The criminal makes that decision.  What we can decide is who is killed when the criminal begins their assault.

Until the blame is assigned to the criminal by the anti-rights people they will never understand.

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