11 March 2012

How Do I Know?

How do I know that public sector employees are receiving more compensation than their private sector counterparts?

Because the unions for the public sector workers aren't comparing the compensation rates and demanding raises.

A recent arfcom thread had several public employees complaining that they were taking a 3% pay cut because they'd have to contribute to their pension plan instead of me doing all the contributing.

You know what?  You guys serve at the public's pleasure.  Honestly, the vast majority of the public sector workers I've had to deal with would have been fired from just about any minimum wage job out there.

But, Mr Public Servant, you think you have it rough?  Got to contribute 3% to your pension plan?


I have to come up with every penny of my retirement.  That's 97% more than you.

I have to come up with every penny of my health insurance.

I never got more than three weeks of paid time off a year from any job I've ever had and never had a job where that PTO could accumulate more than four weeks.  Nor was I ever able to get more than two continuous weeks off in a row.  Nowadays your PTO includes your sick days.

My pay was always tied to my performance.  If I didn't perform I didn't get raises or I got fired.

What I do know is I am sick of the people to whom we've delegated our powers to get some jobs done deciding that they are our masters.  You know what, Mr Servant, I don't work for you.  You work for me.  I will tell you how I want that job done and how much it's worth to me.  You're free to pursue a career in the private sector, you know?

I fucking dare you.

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