05 March 2012


I mentioned to the lovely Harvey that I don't think I could root for Danica Patrick since she came out as a statist.

She chided me about my attitude that once someone famous goes political in a way that I disagree with I "hate them".

It's not hate so much as a refuse to financially support them.

When celebrities go political they do with ready access to the media and gobs of money.  Most often they are espousing something I oppose and I get enough of being screwed with my own money from the government.

As Jennifer says, "dance monkey!"

Actors are good at pretending they are someone else.  The part that makes a great actor is repeating that over and over, take after take.  We don't hire them based on their political acumen or fine education; they get paid the big bucks because they entertain by mouthing someone else's words and emoting.

Same applies to race car drivers.  Drive the car, monkey.  Thank the sponsors.  Shut up.  The sad thing about Ms Patrick is she's good at the non-driving part of the driver job.  Friendly to the fans, mentions the sponsors, takes the advertising portion in stride.  Then she ruins it by yapping about something that has nothing to do with racing or her sponsors.


It's exacerbated by the press glossing over it.  Ms Patrick goes, "Rah, Rah!  Go STATE!" and I have a fight with my wife.  A football player decides he'd rather not have dinner with Mr Obama and it's national news.

Personally I think that player should have gone to the Whitehouse for dinner.  I think there's some obligation to do so.  What he should do is exactly the minimum required of the event.  Standing there stone faced while everyone else is mugging for the camera sends a much stronger message.

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