08 March 2012

This Sucks

I'm going to go a bit personal here.

There's something growing in my right nostril.

It looks like a boil.

It hurts.

Yeah, yeah, I know... whine whine whine.

This morning I look like someone punched me.  There's swelling on my nose and puffiness around my right eye.  The whole right side of my face hurts.

I am one of the many lucky folks who has no insurance.

Simply put, I don't have the $500 a month it takes to be added to my wife's insurance at work.

A near constant string of emergencies depleted the money we had set aside for such disasters.

By the way, the insurance premium I can afford has a deductible so high that it wouldn't be of any service for a routine office visit and prescription.

So, this is me; hoping it gets better on its own.


  1. Get in the shower and get the water as hot as you can stand it and take a nice long relaxing shower.

    If a bottle of an adult beverage comes in with you.

    Get a nice glow with the booze, and get nice and warm and flushed from the steam.

    Then hop out of the shower, towel dry and step over to the sink. There should be paper towels, gause, and a needle you sterilized with iso-propyl alcohol (or adult beverage...same diff!) and drop a pin into that som'bitch and then squeeze until you see nothing but blood drip out. Then blot and compress with gauze. If you have a strong pain tolerance alcohol soaked pads can further control bleeding.

    That should let all the nasty crap drain on its own.

    Good luck!

  2. My daughter had something similar and pretty much what Weer'd said, minus the adult beverage, is what her doctor said. Go home, put heat on it and try to draw out the gook. If that doesn't work come back and we will puncture it. The heat worked fr her though.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. It's inside my nostril. Wouldn't heating the outside of my nose draw the shit the wrong direction?

    I have good pain tolerance, but this thing is really inaccessible. If it'd been on an arm or a leg that sucker would be lanced and I'd be making bad jokes about tapioca.

  4. Well, I could have done without the tapioca visual, but since you are so miserable and all...

  5. The heat just increases circulation, so it isn't directional, it just speeds things along, as well as makes the tissue more supple for manipulation/lancing.

    Depending on where in your nose if its preferable you might even be able to lance from the outside in.

    I had an infected folicle that went NUTS in my teens. Hot pack made the outside of my nose opposite the welt show a red wheel.

    I put a pin into that and then pressed the swelling from inside my nostril.

    Tapioca jokes could be made. Your nose skin is thin, that's why people pierce it there!

  6. Are you feeling any better? My daughter had an appointment this morning for an asthma recheck and the doctor was explaining about her sinus and blah, blah, blah, but as she was talking, I was thinking about you. I hope you don't have an infection. That might require antibiotics. I never thought I would be saying this, but I truly hope tapioca starts spewing from your nose and healing begins from there.

  7. I am feeling some better.

    A dental pick was able to get up in there and puncture it once I had everything all blood soaked from a hot compress.

    Let's hear it for Rittenhaus Rye Whiskey anesthesia! That numbed me enough to put the hook up there and stab.

    Got mostly lymph out of it, and ye Gods the smell! But the lump is smaller and my eye isn't near so puffy.

  8. Good, good!!

    Sometimes I like to bond with gunnies by putting a few rounds down range or a shared bottle of rye whiskey, but discussions about smelly tapioca nostril boils, is also nice. .

  9. How's it looking today? Generally such things need a few days to drain and dry.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  10. Last night I said, "once more into the breach!" and took after it with an exacto blade. Last night I could see a head.

    Draining quite well now. Swelling is down and it itches more than hurts. It must be getting better because I scored five continuous hours of sleep instead of waking up every couple to take more Advil. Expired Advil from the bathroom! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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