13 March 2012

Small Parts

Watching The Prestige.

The very best parts of the movie are the smallest.

David Bowie as Nikola Tesla is absolutely wonderful.  He's on screen for all of ten minutes max.

While I enjoyed the rest of the film it was that single performance that made it great for me.

I've noticed this often.  The supporting cast makes or breaks a film for me far more than the main cast.  Sometimes all they get is a single line.  Sometimes they don't even matter to the plot.

Another one along these lines is the character of Wedge from the good Star Wars trilogy.  How many of you noticed him?  He's the only non-main character who's in all three.  He's also the only By-God fighter pilot shown in the films.

What are your favorite supporting roles?

1 comment:

  1. Michael Caine's Alfred in the new Batman films.

    Also, Mr. Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean (the only By-God sailor in those movies).


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