18 March 2012

Mosin-Nagant M-1891/30

My Mosin has returned to me!

I gave it to Marv, once upon a time, to make room in the safe for a sweet Radom M-50 (Polish Mosin M-44 Carbine).

I sold the Radom off to pay some bills and have been Mosinless for a while.

Marv didn't really want it, so he gave it back today.


Теперь, камрад, моя рука вс! Добро пожаловать домашнее Светлана Edited to be actual Russian; thanks Hyperprapor.

Теперь мне есть чем занять мои руки. Светлана, добро пожаловать домой.

Small brown dogs are understandably curious.

Svetlana is an Izhevsk made in 1942.


  1. Beautiful! Welcome home Svetlana.

  2. Uhm... I'm russian, but really doesn't understand this part: "Теперь, камрад, моя рука вс! Добро пожаловать домашнее Светлана"

    "Welcome home Svetlana" is better to say "Света, добро пожаловать домой!", but here, in Russia, "Svetlana" is often used as name for another rifle - SVT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SVT-40).

    "Comrade" better to use "Товарищ".

    And the last one, this sentence: "Теперь, камрад, моя рука вс!" makes no sense. May be i can help to traslate it correctly?

    P.S. Congrats. Good buy. A lot of kick for a few bucks. :)

  3. The free translation widget that comes with my Mac sucks? Confirmed!

    It's supposed to say, "And now my hand is complete. Welcome home Sevtlana." Thanks for the help!

    She's actually named after an exchange student that gamed with my "b" group. I didn't know that the SVT-40 had a nickname. Those Tokarevs were everywhere here for a couple of years and were affordable, but always just a little more than I had to spend. But since everyone had them for sale I wasn't worried. Seemingly overnight, they were all gone.

  4. All of them sucks. :) You can prove it simply - translate something to another language, and do it again backwards. Result will be ... not so easily to understand. :)

    "And now my hand is complete. Welcome home Sevtlana." Well, you can say it as "Теперь мне есть чем занять мои руки. Светлана, добро пожаловать домой."

    Well SVT - is just very close in spelling to SVeTlana. Only the reason to name it so.
    There was not so many of it produced. So the price will skyrocket onto it. Here, in Russia it already hit 1k$ line.

  5. Mine is a '43 Tula. Maybe they marched to Berlin together.


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