26 March 2012

Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Wondering about the shell elevator on the Mossberg 500 led me to this comparison between the 500 and the 870.

They state (about the 870 Express):
  • No finish machining (burrs, sharp edges, etc. aren't removed)
  • Has a less expensive finish
  • Uses a longer fore-end (the Police uses Speedfeed stocks)
  • Different barrel lock system
  • Uses the "ISS" safety which allows the user to lock the cross-bolt safety in the SAFE position
  • Plastic trigger guard (breaks easier)
  • Cast extractor and ejector (breaks easier)
  • Lighter sear spring (less predictable)
  • Shorter magazine spring (less reliable feeding)
  • Lighter carrier dog spring (less reliable feeding)

Perhaps this is all true of NEW ones.

My Express:

  • Has been deburred.
  • Has a less expensive finish.
  • Uses the same fore-end my friend's Wingmaster used.
  • Standard barrel locking system (if they're talking about how the magazine extension or end cap ratchets).
  • No locking safety.
  • Metal Trigger guard.

  • Standard extractor and ejector.
  • Standard sear spring.
  • I replaced the magazine spring when I added the extension.
  • Standard carrier dog spring.

They mention the dimpled magazine tube to prevent one from adding a magazine extension.  When I bought my gun I specifically looked for a gun with the normal ratcheting cap.  The dimpled one uses a plastic part that slides into the tube and has grooves that lock into the dimples with a 1/4 turn.  The end cap has teeth that engage on the plastic part to keep it from unscrewing.

The normal one has a ball detent that engages teeth on the cap.

I think they missed that the original Express was just a finish option and not a mechanical change.  Yes, later Expresses are very cheap, but that was not always the case.

Of course, my 870 Express didn't come with an 18" cylinder bore barrel, ghost ring sights and a heat shield.  That means that anything can be fixed!


  1. Ooh, very nice.

    I don't really know where I fall in the Mossberg vs. Remington war, having not shot a Remmy. I just happened to buy a Mossy from my chiropractor a few years back for the princely sum of $100 and have been very happy for it. :)

  2. You fall on the despicable Mossberg side of the war. ;)

    I've noticed that most people tend to like the one they discovered first best.

    I paid $100 for this 870 initially. Swapped a 24" ribbed full-choke barrel for the cylinder bore and another $90 getting the ghost rings. The magazine extension was cheap, so was the heat shield.


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