15 March 2012

For Erin...

At one time Kaylee was made up as an M4.

Here's a picture.

From muzzle to butt:  A2 flash-hider, 16" M4 profile barrel, M4 handguards with double heat shields, flat-top upper, detachable carry handle, A2 style lower, A2 pistol grip, mil-spec 6-pos M4 stock.

I did some other parts comparison posts to help guide the newb as well.

Upper Receivers
Entry Level AR (prices may not be up to date)


  1. Yeah! I'm not really fond of the carry handle, but since it's detachable -- yes, that's exactly what I think of when I think "AR".

    Plus it's an Evil Black Baby-Killing Rifle.

  2. Small semantic note: That should be an Evil Baby-Killing Black Rifle. We do not discriminate against black evil babies. All evil babies must be slain regardless of race, creed or color.

  3. But evil plaid babies need a LOT more killing than the others.

    All evil babies are equal, but some evil babies are more equal than others...

  4. What caliber for paisley babies?


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