12 March 2012

Blood Dancing?

I might be dancing in blood to make a point.

I detest the term "cager".

It possesses all the hate and bile of CENSORED being spit out by a racist.

Bikers, you should really stop using it because you do sound just like an idiot racist when you do.

Case in point, and making me wonder if I am blood dancing.

Three fatal motorcycle accidents over the weekend.

Only one of them involved a car.

While you're cursing anyone who owns a car, you're ignoring that the person on the bike is quite often their own worst enemy.

Blaming everyone who owns a car is no different than blaming all gun owners for the actions of the few.

Don't be one of those people.

1 comment:

  1. It's doubly funny when you consider how many motorcyclists drive automobiles six and a half days a week, then ride to the watering hole on Sunday afternoon to complain about "cagers" with their riding buddies.


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