23 March 2012


Today has been a day of self revelation, hasn't it?

Kinda gloomy, isn't it?

This stuff was so far in the past for me it's just an amusing anecdote for me.

How's about some fun stuff!

March 31st I think I am going to be in Daytona for the big ass car show.  I need a picture of The Precious on the track.

Always do some cruising on A1A and dinner in the area.

Blog meet?


  1. Other than me, who lives in/near Daytona?

  2. Dunno. Wanna cruise A1A and mock the spring breakers?

  3. Eh, low-hanging fruit. I'd rather take you to my local gun range and then eat steak at the Ale House, but that's just me.

  4. On the 31st I'll be at Virginia International Raceway running charity laps. I did A1A for New Years (at least from Jax Beach to St Augustine).


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