26 March 2012

When To Shoot?

Florida law may not require me to flee when danger is mounting, but I intend to.

There's only a couple of exceptions.

I am not leaving my home to get away.

I am not abandoning loved ones to get away.

I am not abandoning property to get away.


  1. I also won't run from an IMMEDIATE deadly threat. If you pull a knife or a gun on me, or I have reason to think you have a deadly weapon (or superior numbers) and intend to do serious harm to me, I am not making bets that I can outrun you, or keep my pace longer.

    If I can't outrun you I've simply just turned by back to you. As a general rule I am only fleeing when there is nothing to flee from but an icky feeling, or the potential of bad things.

    As soon as the ball drops its time to fight, unless its a spree shooter who hasn't directly engaged me, or a fight between unknown 3rd parties.

  2. You say what I meant. I didn't say it, but I meant it.


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