17 March 2012

Shooty Update

He did not care for the 1911.

He was OK with the Glock 21, but disliked how wide it was.

Really dug the S&W Sigma.  He's thinking about one in 9mm now, especially since they're $300 on sale.

Liked everything we offered him in .380, but since a Bersa is more than that Sigma...

I almost got a Glock 23 for $300.  The owner was looking to trade up to a S&W M&P but the range was only offering him $200 towards his purchase.  I said, "I'll give you $300 if that's all they'll give you."  He thought hard on it and then realized that he'd do better selling it on Gunbroker or something similar.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if he'd like the 4th Gen G21 I hear they're more narrow than the 3rd, and similar to the G21SF

    Of course I'm just repeating what I've heard as I know nothing of Glocks.


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