06 March 2012

Evil Rifles

I simply don't own a new rifle that isn't something banned by the AWB.

The rifles I have that would be perfectly legal under the ban are all at least 70 years old.

The "you can't have this" for ten years sure changed my urges and desires.

I am sure I will eventually get a Fudd gun, like a Rem 700, Savage 114 or Win 70.


  1. Get a Mosin. 100 year old design, still used to hunt bears in Russia. Plus it comes with an 18 inch bayonet.

    But look! Bolt-action! Sporting purposes! :D

  2. Have had two Mosins. Sold the Radom M-50 because the offer was too sweet. Gave the Izzy to a friend who had none.

    When I get around to getting another it shall be Finnish.

    1. I have several old guns that are fine with the sporting purposes laws despite being ACTUAL UNMODIFIED WEAPONS OF WAR! SMLE Mk III*, M1903A3 even the Garand.


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