15 March 2012


It's an element.

Plumbum.  Pb.

It's pretty damned inert.

It tends to just sit where it's deposited and do nothing more.

It's been shown time and time again.

I have a further proof.

There's a bird, an extinct bird, called a passenger pigeon.  They were eradicated by hunters.  Hunters using pure lead shot.  A lot of it.  Everywhere.

In fact, there was no such thing as jacketed ammunition, let alone lead-free ammo, until 1882.

If lead from bullets was causing all of the horrible things the eco-whackos claim;  why is the evidence so thin and how did animal life survive for more than 200 years of hunting with pure lead in North America?  Shouldn't the effects be even more pronounced in Europe where the gun was used longer and is smaller geographically?

Shouldn't there be more evidence of the effects of lead on animals in New England where there have been guns longer than anywhere else on the continent?

Well, there is but it's not poisoning; it's kinetic energy that's killed all that game.

The terror of lead is not from elemental lead or even lead alloys.

The terror is from lead compounds!  Lead based paint is a compound.  Not a mixture, not an alloy, not pure lead.  Compounds react differently than the elements they are composed of.

Simple examples...

Water is vastly different from both hydrogen and oxygen in their pure forms.

I double dog dare you to eat one teaspoon of pure sodium and an equal amount of chlorine if you don't believe me.  I will eat two teaspoons of table salt and we'll see who gets sicker.


  1. I don't know that they would make it to the chlorine after the sodium exploded.

  2. After two world wars, I'm surprised that the European continent can sustain life...


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