29 March 2012


I am getting a bit sick of the Supreme's and their "don't make waves" method.

Waves need to be made.  If something is unconstitutional, you say so, strike and let the chips fucking fall!

Refusing to make waves is why we have 77 years of unconstitutional gun control.  When the court refuses to do anything for 70 years you will have to make waves or admit the constitution is meaningless.

You refused cert for decades on welfare and medicaid and now it's come to a head.  There is no ruling that will not toss an apple cart.  Time to do your damn jobs because the equilibrium is going to be restored.  You nine can do it with a pen.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed. Refusing to make waves is why The Slaughterhouse Cases is still binding precedent, despite everyone - including sitting members of the Supremes - knowing it was wrongly decided.

    They need to be willing to make waves, when it's The Right Thing to do.


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